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"Everyone loves the mix - thanks for crushing it last minute like that !!!"

"Hey thanks so much

The mix sounds so good!!!..."

Adam Granduciel - The War On Drugs

Mick Jagger - The Rolling Stones

"This mix is a vibe"

"It sounds so fucking amazing bro you killed that shit"

Carter Jahn - One Republic // Walk The Moon

Sir, Please

About the Process

Mixing can be a very daunting and overwhelming process. Questions like, "Is the snare too loud?" "Is there too much delay?" "Is this pitched vocal effect even cool?". 

The experimentation side of mixing is my favorite, as you come across unique moments that make a song stand out or create another world that you never imagined. Communication is key during the process. Whether we are working from the ground up or continuing from a current rough mix.


Before starting I would love to know; any specific moments/tones you want to emphasize, what you don't like about the current mix, and anything that inspired you along the way.

Upon file delivery, the first pass will take anywhere from 5-7 days. After the fact there is no time limit on revisions, feel free to live with the mix as long as you'd like. Once we decide on the perfect mix I will send you a final folder containing all the necessary files.


I love working on all genres of music and the most important thing to me is the song/vision. Email anytime if you have any questions.

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