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Meet the Fockers

Austin Asvanonda


In 2015 Austin went to study Audio Engineering at SAE Institute of LA. After graduating as Valedictorian, he was picked up at Sonora Recorders in Los Feliz. At this time, Adam (The War On Drugs) had a studio lock out during their Grammy Award Winning album 'A Deeper Understanding'. Transitioning from intern, to Assistant, to Engineer; Austin quickly learned the ropes for what it takes to be a successful Mixing Engineer.

In the more recent years Austin decided to open his own commercial studio; offering professional and quality services at an affordable rate.

Austin has worked with: The Rolling Stones, The War On Drugs, Lo Moon, Carter Jahn (One Republic // Walk The Moon), and Sir Please.

Aside from mixing, Austin has an obsession for coffee and perfecting his morning pour overs.

Ian Roesch


Ian Roesch, also known to be the freshest in the west, has dedicated his life to music. Studying composition, theory, performance, and production in college. Ian is anything and everything music. Formulating multiple outlets of art and helping to cultivate other projects along the way.

Ian runs the A&R Department and might be the coolest dude you'll chat with. What separates him from the rest is his honesty and won't bullshit you through the process. He genuinely cares more about the song then anything else.

Ever heard of a band called The Grateful Dead? Ask him about it. He'll give you a history lesson.

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